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Nier Automata is a popular action role-playing game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. The game features a unique storyline set in a post-apocalyptic world where androids fight against machine lifeforms to reclaim Earth for humanity. One of the interesting features of Nier Automata is the ability to use different modules that provide various functions and abilities to the player character.

The Undress Module

One of the most intriguing modules in Nier Automata is the Undress Module. This module allows players to unlock special abilities by removing their character’s clothing. While this may seem like a strange and gimmicky feature, it actually adds a layer of strategy to the game. Players can choose to sacrifice defense for increased attack power or vice versa, depending on their playstyle and the situation they are in.

How to Unlock the Undress Module

In order to unlock the Undress Module in Nier Automata, players must first complete certain requirements in the game. This may involve completing specific quests, defeating certain enemies, or reaching a certain level of progression in the story. Once the module is unlocked, players can equip it to their character and experiment with different clothing combinations to find the optimal balance between offense and defense.

Benefits of Using the Undress Module

While the Undress Module may seem like a silly gimmick at first glance, it actually offers some tangible benefits to players who choose to utilize it. By strategically removing clothing to boost certain stats, players can customize their playstyle to suit their preferences. This adds a layer of depth to the gameplay and allows for more creative and personalized strategies.

Challenges of Using the Undress Module

Of course, using the Undress Module in Nier Automata also comes with its own challenges. Players must carefully consider the trade-offs of sacrificing defense for offense or vice versa. This can make battles more challenging and force players to think strategically about their approach. Additionally, removing clothing in the heat of battle leaves players more vulnerable to enemy attacks, adding an element of risk to using the module.


The Undress Module in Nier Automata is a unique and innovative feature that adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience. By allowing players to customize their character’s abilities through clothing choices, the module encourages strategic thinking and experimentation. While it may not be for everyone, the Undress Module offers a fun and unconventional way to play the game and can provide hours of entertainment for players looking to shake up their gameplay experience.

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